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Medicinal Teas
The teas listed here have been carefully blended and formulated to provide the most natural and beneficial herbal healing*. These teas can be enjoyed everyday throughout the year! Try more than one flavor at a time to maintain balance.

Enjoy them hot or iced, as is, or try it with lemon and your favorite sweetener.

Herbal Info:
Herbs to avoid when pregnant: Aloe Vera, Angelica, Barberry, Ephedra (Ma Huang), Goldenseal, Horseradish, Red clover, Rhubarb root, and Juniper

Herbs okay to use when pregnant (check with physician): Ginger, Dong Quai, Chamomille, Peppermint, Bilberry, Red raspberry, Wild yam, & Echinacea

Page, L. R. (1997). Healthy Healing. (10th ed.)

Medicinal Teas
Lemon Ginger Tea
Price: $6.70
Hibiscus Tea
Price: $5.95
Mulberry Leaf Tea
Price: $5.95
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